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Creating a Non-Blocking Socket in Java

public class test
     public static void main(String args[])
         // Create a non-blocking socket and check for connections
             try {
             // Create a non-blocking socket channel on port 8080
             SocketChannel sChannel = createSocketChannel("", 8080);
             // Before the socket is usable, the connection must be completed
             // by calling finishConnect(), which is non-blocking
                 while (!sChannel.finishConnect()) {
                 // Do something else
             // Socket channel is now ready to use
             catch (IOException e) {
     // Creates a non-blocking socket channel for the specified host name and port.
     // connect() is called on the new channel before it is returned.
     public static SocketChannel createSocketChannel(String hostName, int port) throws IOException
         // Create a non-blocking socket channel
         SocketChannel sChannel =;
         // Send a connection request to the server; this method is non-blocking
         sChannel.connect(new InetSocketAddress(hostName, port));
         return sChannel;

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